I’m going to add as much useful information about each graph (I collected more than 40,000) as I can fit reasonably on a page. In addition to that, I am going to add concise graphical etymologies.

I’ve been posting longer (some very long) articles about the graphical etymology of characters here.

However, while it’s fun to write those longer articles, it takes a lot of time. And I’d like to cover many more characters. Partly for that reason, I’ve created this site. For now, the section on graphical etymology will have a link to the section “Glyph origin” of the relevant graph on en.wiktionary, but often the content there is too short, or missing, or wrong. I’d like to do better here, obviously. 😉

I generate a list for entries to which I’ve added graphical etymologies: Work on graphical etymologies (the page might need refreshing).

Here is a general changelog (begins Wed Jun 12).

Please send suggestions to kornelis@xs4all.nl.